Skinceuticals, Shopping in Mumbai, Ghee Facials and More

August 31st, 2009


I have to give Skin Ceuticals 4.5 lotus-clipart-picture2. Their products are on the pricey side, but for skin like mine, which is rarely happy with anything, the product line is gentle and (seemingly) effective. Believe me, I’d pay even more for skin care that doesn’t irritate my face! We would LOVE to hear your thoughts on skin care and products, so please write in!

Acne, dry skin, woe upon woe
I wish my skin would shine and glow!
Instead I battle every night
With break outs and pimples – what a plight!
Surely one day my skin will clear
And sure enough – Skin Ceuticals is here!


I discovered a few facts recently: Ghee is good, not just for your health, but also for the face. A friend gave me a tiny sample of a lavender scented, ayurvedic ghee moisturizer. I was unsure about the heavy Ghee smell wafting out of me, but for the sake of glowing skin et al, I massaged a good bit on to my face. There wasn’t any smell to it (the husband and the kids didn’t wrinkle any noses; no wise cracks were thrown my way) and it had a very moisturizing feel. If you are interested, take a look My sample was called Luxurious Washed Ghee Moisturizer. I still wouldn’t recommend you putting on blobs of the Nanak ghee from the pantry though. It’s probably best left to go with dal and rice!


In Mumbai, I visited the usual (store) haunts: Amara, Azi, Melange…and came away in complete disbelief. The prices were outrageous, as were the styles! Downright ‘ugh’-ly. So, I sighed, no shopping this year. So be it. But wait! To the rescue came my friend who pointed me in the direction of designer James Ferreira. What an experience! He works out of his heritage home in the huddle of the Opera House neighborhood. His house itself is worth the whole visit. But of course, I got more of it 8-) Wonderful fabrics, clean lines, huge imagination – he uses blanket material to design pants – and a sense of elegance. Me, I walked away with a jumpsuit in coral and a dress in purple. My husband bought shirts, one of which was made from dhoti fabric. Wow. Now we’re waiting for a chance to show off. Anyone throwing a party soon??



One Response to “Skinceuticals, Shopping in Mumbai, Ghee Facials and More”

  1. dianna says:

    i love to use ghee on my skin
    and yes you can use the regular table ghee
    the secret for me is to rub it into my face or body and then apply a warm moist cloth or get into a warm bath. with some lavender oil.

    the ghee will not totally wash off in the warm water – but enough will remain behind to moisturize deeply.


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