The Magic Tree House and other adventures

December 15th, 2009

While speaking with my sister in law yesterday, I realized that yet another way to track the kids growing up, is to chronicle the literary stage they are at….

My older son is a voracious reader. He loves to read all kinds of books. As I was chatting with my sis-in-law, she told me that her daughter, age six, is just getting into the Magic Tree House series. I realized with a pang then, that my son is no longer reading those, nor is he clamoring for them. What on earth is he reading now? When did he grow out of those?

I know he loves Roald Dahl but he’s read most of them ad nauseum. I also know that he had picked up a copy of the Wimpy Kid series recently….but what else? Is that even appropriate for him? He is growing up too fast, I thought. I went looking for him and found him reading for the nth time an Amar Chitra Katha:) Okay- that’s good! Tonight, I will chat with him to find out more about his literary tastes these days.

Meanwhile, my nearly five year old has little interest in learning to read. But he has a few favorites to be read to:

1. Fancy Nancy

2. A letter to Santa

3. A Giving Tree (they are reading it in school)

4. Giraffes can’t dance

Wish they’d stay at the Giraffes can’t dance stage for a loooong time- sigh!


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