A Guide for Gentlemen Chefs – a book review

February 15th, 2012
cookbook for men

Cook book for men in rhyme

A Guide for Gentlemen Chefs by Laxmi Dhaul

A cookbook in rhyme! What could be more entertaining? My mom, Gitanjali Khanna and one of her dearest friends Laxmi Dhaul expanded their rhyming cocktails into a full fledged cookbook, for men at that! (They are the targeted audience for the poetry, at any rate). What’s nice is that as you chuckle your way through this easy cook book for men, you discover some really cool recipes, from all across the globe.



Hats off to two of the most intelligent, witty and gutsy women I know, who have taken their international experience of cuisine (and men?!) to these sparkling pages in this easy, breezy cookbook for men!

A Guide for Gentlemen Chefs is a playful endeavour to categorise recipes, Indian, Western and Continental, not on the basis of their ingredients or modes of preparation, but according to the various categories of ‘Gentlemen Chefs’. Each category comprises a tongue-in-cheek verse, ‘appropriate’ recipes, and a subtly humorous cartoon by none other than one of India’s most celebrated cartoonists, the inimitable Mario Miranda.

Bon appetit!

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