An Early Mother’s Day Surprise: Best Mother’s Day ever!

May 9th, 2012
An Early Mother's Day Surprise!

An Early Mother's Day Surprise!

“You have to come home early on Wednesday Mom! We have a history project due, and we need to interview you and a few of the other moms as well”.  To say that all the research and planning over the past week or so on this history project didn’t smell a wee bit fishy at times would not be entirely honest, but yesterday, when my daughter Avanti said “We’ll be asking you questions about culture. You get asked about festivals, another mom about food and so on; it’s all planned”,  I decided this sounded like  a genuine history project after all.

I pulled into Avanti’s friend’s house at 6.20pm sharp, and saw both other Moms arriving. Jessie was there to greet us. “I’ve been told to stand in the front yard while they set up and prepare our quiz”. So we hung out chatting for a few minutes. When we were told to head to the garden, we were all wondering about what exactly we’d be asked, and suddenly, our vision was blurred by streamers (and our ears by screamers :)) – “Happy Mother’s Day!!!”. And there they were, armed with roses and big smiles and….a fully laid table with, um, dinner (bagels, pizza, kaju burfi – or cashew nut pastry – and potstickers). Notably cultural: Shira is Jewish, Avanti Indian and Sydney half Singaporean (pizza of course is American, which they all are), so the menu was no coincidence.  We promptly asked if we could avail of Californian culture in the form of wine, and that was duly supplied, too. We were told to sit, while we were served and entertained. Somewhat predictably, the entertainment took the form of a choreographed dance. The music was a bit of a surprise though: it was a medley / remix. Daddy and Avanti had conspired to buy this mixing software sometime last week, and voila!

After we were wined and dined, and entertained (in addition to the dance) by the girls running around the backyard being chased by imaginary spiders, they brought out the firecrackers, and offered us a sparkling toast. As the sun started to set and the spring air cool , it was time then to rally the troops back to business as usual, involving homework, bath and some good old Mommy specials: “Is your room clean? Did you brush your teeth? Sit straight! Take out the garbage!”. And there it was: an early mother’s day surprise: best mother’s day ever! Thank you to darling girls Avanti, Shira, Tori and Sydney!!!


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