Coconut oil for a beautiful skin (and face)!

January 6th, 2013
Coconut oil for face and skin.

Coconut oil for face and skin.

Coconut oil for face?! Even though I have grown up having my mum massage coconut oil in my hair ( a common hair care routine in India), I had never thought of using coconut oil to ‘wash’ my face, till I came across a few blogs around it. It seems that coconut oil is going through a great revival- nutritionists are recommending we use it in our food  (a story for another day), beauticians are talking about it, massage therapists are using it, and a friend of mine recently told me that it cured her of a very persistent itch caused by a rash/allergy. Amidst all this,  my mother sits back smugly with a ‘I have always told you’ look! True, true- my mom does have lovely skin and has never used any expensive cream/serums/washes etc.

So this winter, I started using a good quality coconut oil to ‘wash’ my face- and my skin is loving it. I tie back my hair (else, it will get quite greasy), scoop the oil in my hands and rub them together. Then I massage my face and neck with the oil- gently with upward strokes- for a few minutes, and wash it all off with warm water. Once I dry my face with a towel, there is hardly any trace of the oil on the face. I have been using this ‘face wash’ only at night and follow this with my regular moisturizer. My face is feeling very soft, moisturized and plumped up. It really does get the dirt off as well as the make up- hence I get a  nice, clean feel without the stretched out, dry face! For those of you who might be wondering, no breakouts either- as I had feared initially. Perhaps it’s because I use a small amount and try to pat it all off when drying my face.

I also love the fact that coconut oil is inexpensive, plus I like the smell of it. It is supposed to have anti-aging properties- so more bang for the buck. I have started using it to massage my kids occasionally- they are quite loving all the extra attention from mum:)

In case you would like to try it out- do use good, quality brands- from, say Wholefoods (where I got mine). People are also raving about Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil- you might want to check it out. If you don’t care for it as a face wash, you can use it for hair conditioning (blog coming soon on that), massage or eating. Here’s wishing all of you very happy faces!



2 Responses to “Coconut oil for a beautiful skin (and face)!”

  1. bindiya says:

    My whole family are big coconut oil fans. My dad used to suffer from very, very dry skin, and he was told that, after bath, when skin was warm and moist, was the best time to rub in it for maximum effect. And let’s not forget its health benefits for cooking!

  2. I use this all the time, it works great.

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